Welcome, welcome, thank you for visiting My name is Pieter Meijer, I'm a retired Math teacher, who loves card games and who, a few years back, discovered the joy of programming. It all resulted in this little project,, where I like to share with you the fruits of my work.

You'll find classic card games here, like Hearts and Spades and Gin Rummy, games that you play with your grandmother, like I used to do, or that you teach your grandson, like I do. You'll also find some odd games, like Horse Race and Goofspiel, that are lesser-known, but nonetheless worth giving a try. And also don't forget to check out Fight the Landlord, the most popular card game in China.

My objective is to keep things as simple as possible. Not just because of my limited programming skills, but also to make your experience here as convenient as can be. You don't have to sign up, or login, or even download anything. All you have to do is click and play. Your opponents are computer bots, they will not be easy to beat... just warning you...

Like most websites,, is a work in progress. New games will be added regularly, existing games will be improved gradually. I would also love to receive your feedback, to learn if I'm on the right path. Send me your comments about the games, suggestions for improvements and proposals for card games that should be added in the future. Please get in touch.

Finally: all artwork, including the playing cards, is created by my wife Nina, who is a teaching art in highschool.


Please feel free to contact me at , to share your experience here, to suggest improvements, to tell me about a great game, I should consider to make, or just to say hi.