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Horse Race Card Game
Horse Race Card Game
Horse Race Card Game
Horse Race Card Game
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Horse Race simulates a real horse race with cards. Although not really a card game in the traditional sense, it is still a lot of fun to play. The version at CardGames.CLUB, like all the games, is for one player only, but the game is perfectly suited for up to four players, when played in real life. It’s the first ‘card game’ that I explained to my children and grandchildren.

The four Aces represent the horses, they move forward along the course according to the suits of the cards turned by the dealer.

The Race Track

After removing the four Aces from the deck the remaining cards are shuffled and a Race Track of seven cards is laid out. The horses (Aces) are positioned at one side of the Race Track. The finish line is at the opposite side of the Race Track.

The Betting

After the Race Track has been laid out, a betting ticket will pop up, allowing you to select one of the horses (Aces) and place a bet on it. Once you have picked your horse, the race can start.

Note: the odds on the betting ticket are based on the chance of a horse (Ace) to win, just as in a real race. In this case the odds are based on the number of cards of the horse’s (Ace) suit laid out in the Race Track.

Your Balance

You will start with a Balance of 100. It will increase or decrease based on your bets. Once your Balance is below the lowest betting amount of 25, you start again with a Balance of 100. Your Balance is stored in your browser and can be build up over several playing sessions.

The Race

The remaining cards are turned face up one at a time. Each time a card is turned, the horse of that suit moves one space forward. The first horse to cross the finish line, wins the race.

The Pay Out

After the race, a message will pop up, informing you about the winner of the race and whether your bet was successful. Finally it shows your new balance.

Highest Scores

I’m considering to implement a Highest Score Ranking in the game, so you can compare your score with that of others. Please let me know if you would like that.